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Adrienne Toner: A Novel

Language - English
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Description: - In the climax of this novel we are expected to believe that a forceful, cultivated, fearless woman (Adrienne Toner) will sacrifice happiness with a man who loves her because she still "loves" (she sees it as her duty) her husband who has left her and run off with another woman. It's very noble, perhaps, but also not very believable, even for 1922 when the book was published. Adrienne is an explosive force to her in-laws, the upper-crust Chadwicks. Not only does she "steal" Barney Chadwick away from Nancy, whom everyone expected him to marry, but she supports Barney's brother Palgrave in his decision to become a conscientious objector and helps Barney's sister Meg run off with a married man openly rather than keep their affair hidden. No wonder the Chadwick's are down on her! --Bomojaz at
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