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Description: - Mowbray (Walter) Morris (1847-1911) wrote Claverhouse in 1887. Claverhouse is an area near Dundee, Scotland. The story begins "John Graham, Viscount of Dundee, best known, perhaps, in history by his territorial title of Claverhouse, was born in the year 1643. No record, indeed, exists either of the time or place of his birth, but a decision of the Court of Session seems to fix the former in that year--the year, as lovers of historical coincidences will not fail to remark, of the Solemn League and Covenant." John Graham was a 17th century Scottish soldier remembered for his persecution of the Covenanters. He rallied the Highland clans and led them to victory at Killicrankle. Even though this first Jacobite rising was unsuccessful, Claverhouse became a Jacobite hero, acquiring the nickname "Bonnie Dundee."
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