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This Freedom

Language - English
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Description: - Arthur Stuart-Menteth Hutchinson, commonly known by his initials A. S. M. Hutchinson, was a British novelist. 'This Freedom' is his mystery novel. "[...]Rosalie's earliest apprehension of the world was of a mysterious and extraordinary world that revolved entirely about her father and that entirely and completely belonged to her father. Under her father, all males had proprietory rights in the world and dominion over it; no females owned any part of the world or could do anything with it. All the males in this world—her father, and Robert and Harold her brothers, and all the other boys and men one sometimes saw—did mysterious and extraordinary things; and all the females in this world—her mother, and Anna and Flora and Hilda her sisters, and Ellen the cook and Gertrude the maid—did ordinary[...]".
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