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Lectures on the true, the beautiful and the good

Language - English
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Description: - "Explains that the eighteen lectures that compose this volume have in fact the particular trait that they present a regular exposition of the doctrine which was at first fixed in our mind, which has not ceased to preside over our labors. This book, then, contains the abridged but exact expression of our convictions on the fundamental points of philosophic science. In it will be openly seen the method that is the soul of our enterprise, our principles, our processes, our results. Under these three heads, the True, the Beautiful, the Good, we embrace psychology, placed by us at the head of all philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, natural right, even public right to a certain extent, finally theodicea, that perilous rendezvous of all systems, where different principles are condemned or justified by their consequences. It is the affair of our book to plead its own cause. We only desire that it may be appreciated and judged according to what it really is, and not according to an opinion too much accredited. We declare that eclecticism is very dear to us, for it is in our eyes the height of the history of philosophy; but the source of that light is elsewhere. Eclecticism is one of the most important and most useful applications of the philosophy which we teach, but it is not its principle. Our true doctrine, our true flag is spiritualism, that philosophy as solid as generous, which began with Socrates and Plato, which the Gospel has spread abroad in the world, and which Descartes put under the severe forms of modern genius. May our voice be heard by new generations as it was by the serious youth of the Restoration!"--Préf. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)
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