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The Moon Princess: A Fairy Tale

Language - English
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Description: - The heavens were a stainless blue, and the Moon shone out of them arrayed in silvery garments. One by one the sky’s matchless jewels, the stars, peeped out, studding that great ceiling with flashing diamond-points, until the whole dome was a glittering mass of blue and silver. Calm and majestic the Moon glided over her star-studded pathway; but, in spite of her glorious beauty and brilliancy, she was really sad and sick at heart. Ethelda, her best beloved, the youngest and dearest of her children, had just made a request the granting of which caused her that night bitterest sorrow. Ethelda had asked no less than this: to visit the Earth and spend her honeymoon there! Prince Dorion came with a great retinue of knights, all dressed in shining gold wrought in the Sun’s fiery furnace, and bringing wonderful jewels to his bride. The Moon Queen, not to be outdone in magnificence, showered silver in plenty upon them both, and bade one hundred of her loveliest maidens accompany the bridal pair upon their journey. And so they set off across the heavens on their way to Earth….. But what adventures await the young couple? How will the little folk, the fairies, like this? Will the Prince and the Princess’ brilliance overshadow Earth’s Fairy King and Queen, annoying them, or will they be welcomed with open arms? Well, the only way to find out is to download the book and read this wonderful tale of fairies, fairy Kings and Queens and fairy Princes and Princesses. 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities. ============ Abela Publishing – Publishing Yesterday’s books for Today’s Charities 10% of the book’s profit is donated to charities. ============ ABOUTH THE AUTHOR Edith Ogden Harrison (November 16, 1862 – May 22, 1955) was a well-known and prolific author of children's books and fairy tales in the early decades of the twentieth century. She was also the wife of Carter Harrison, Jr., five-term mayor of Chicago. KEYWORDS/TAGS: The Moon Princess, Fairy tales, fairytales, children’s stories, bedtime stories, fables, Asgard, beach, beautiful, bride, brilliant, cave, circle, clouds, colors, colours, companions, crimson, daughter, diamonds, Prince Dorion, dwarf, Earth, Princess Ethelda, fairies, Fairyland, flowers, forest, Fronto, golden, handsome, happy, heart, heavens, jewels, joy, King, Queen, ladder, lake, love, magician, magnificent, maiden, Majesty, marry, mermaids, mist, mountains, music, Ocean, Oswald, palace, pink, pleasure, rainbow, rescue, Selene, shine, Silver, skies, soft, sparkling, splendor, sprites, Star, stones, Sun, sword, thousands, valley, veil, voice, waves, wedding, wicked, yellow
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