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Peter and Jane; Or, The Missing Heir

Language - English
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Description: - Sarah (Broom) Macnaughtan (1864-1916) was the author of: Selah Harrison (1898) The Fortune of Christina M'Nab (1901), The Gift (1904), A Lame Dog's Diary (1906), The Expensive Miss du Cane (1907), Three Miss Graemes (1908), Us Four (1909), They Who Question (1914), and My War Experiences in Two Continents (edited by Mrs. Lionel Salmon) (1919). After Miss Macnaughtan's death, her executors found among her papers a great number of diaries. There were twenty-five closely written volumes, which extended over a period of as many years, and formed an almost complete record of every incident of her life during that time. Miss Macnaughtan was a very reserved woman. She lived much alone, and the diary was her only confidante. In one of her books she says that expression is the most insistent of human needs, and that the inarticulate man or woman who finds no outlet in speech or in the affections, will often keep a little locked volume in which self can be safely revealed. Her diary occupied just such a place in her own inner life.
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