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The Rustle of Silk

Language - English
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Description: - A long-time admirer of British M. P. Arthur Fallaray, Lola De Breze takes a position as maid to Arthur's wife, Lady Feo, who prefers a gay life with newspaper owner Paul Chalfon to the political ambitions of her husband. When word comes that Fallaray has been injured in a hunting accident, Lola goes to his side and Lady Feo discovers love letters written--but never mailed--by Lola to Fallaray. On the pretense of forcing Fallaray to allow Feo to divorce him, Chalfon obtains the letters from Lady Feo and publishes them. Feo burns the original letters in anger, while Lola confesses her love to Fallaray and persuades him to continue in politics rather than ruin his career by marrying her. Fallaray becomes prime minister; Lola returns to her father and trusts to the future for her happiness.
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