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Tom Sawyer Abroad

Language - English
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Description: - "Do you reckon Tom Sawyer was satisfied after all them adventures? No, he wasn't. It only just pisoned him for more." So Huck declares at the start of the first of these once celebrated but now little-known sequels to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These unjustly neglected works are among the most enjoyable of Mark Twain's novels. In Tom Sawyer Abroad, Tom, Huck, and Jim travel across the Atlantic in a futuristic air balloon to encounter lions, robbers, fleas, and some of the world's greatest wonders. In Tom Saywer, Detective, Tom and Huck journey down the Mississippi to help solve a mysterious crime. Told in Huck's voice and replete with down-hime backwoods Missouri wisdom, these two stories tackle every subject from the Crusades and chronometers to ghosts and swearing popes.--Publisher description.
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