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Wild Bill's Last Trail

Language - English
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Description: - Book Excerpt: ...a man came cautiously out of the ravine, or rather out of its mouth. He was tall, slender, yet seemed to possess the bone and muscle of a giant. His eyes were jet black, fierce and flashing, and his face had a stern, almost classic beauty of feature, which would have made him a model in the ancient age of sculpture. He carried a repeating rifle, two revolvers, and a knife in his belt. His dress was buckskin, from head to foot."You are Persimmon Bill?" said Jack, in a tone of inquiry. "Yes. Who are you, and how came you by the signal that called me out?""A woman in town gave it to me, knowing she could trust me.""Was her first name Addie?""Her last name was Neidic.""All right. I see she has trusted you. What do you want?""Help in a matter of revenge.""Good! You can have it. How much help is wanted?""I want one man taken from a party, alive, when he gets beyond civilized help, so that I can see him tortured. I want him to die by inches."...
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