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Psmith, Journalist

Language - English
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Description Growing bored while accompanying his Cambridge chum Mike on a cricket tour of the United States, Psmith seeks adventure in New York City. He finds it in the form of the weekly newspaper Cosy Moments, a completely bland and inoffensive publication at which, through charm and sheer force of personality, Psmith appoints himself an unpaid subeditor, fires the entire contributing staff, and embarks on a crusade against the slumlords, gangs, and boxing managers of his holiday destination. Psmith, Journalist is the second of Wodehouse’s Psmith novels, and is a marked departure from the author’s usual settings and themes. It presents a very strong social justice theme with direct, harsh condemnation of exploitation, corruption, racism, and inequality in early-twentieth century America, and its themes continue to resonate with readers a century later. The story first appeared in The Captain magazine from October 1909 to February 1910, and was first published as a book, including eight illustrations, by A & C Black in 1915. This Standard Ebook is based on the 1923 edition by the same publisher.
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